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The Book

"Hanna, you're completely and utterly insane, I don't want to hear another word about this!"


Travel back to the Amsterdam of 1941 and meet Hanna, a young Jewish woman. Hanna and her husband Nico desperately want a child. But in a time when the threat of deportation becomes more palpable every day, their dream seems unattainable. Despite everything, they don't give up on their desire for a child, and eventually, their little daughter is born. But then tragedy strikes.


Hanna proves unyielding in her will to survive. She is determined to reunite with her daughter no matter what.


In this remarkable book, Magali Jeger tells the story of her great-grandmother Hanna in simple yet powerful language. "Hanna" is a moving, true story about a mother's unconditional love, risking everything to find her child.


"I read this book in one breath. What a story!" - Journalist Hans Knoop

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