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"Hanna, you're completely and utterly insane, I don't want to hear another word about this!"


Travel back to the Amsterdam of 1941 and meet Hanna, a young Jewish woman. Hanna and her husband Nico desperately want a child. But in a time when the threat of deportation becomes more palpable every day, their dream seems unattainable. Despite everything, they don't give up on their desire for a child, and eventually, their little daughter is born. But then tragedy strikes.


Hanna proves unyielding in her will to survive. She is determined to reunite with her daughter no matter what.


In this remarkable book, Magali Jeger tells the story of her great-grandmother Hanna in simple yet powerful language. "Hanna" is a moving, true story about a mother's unconditional love, risking everything to find her child.


"I read this book in one breath. What a story!" - Journalist Hans Knoop

Who am I?

Who Am I?


Hello, I'm Magali Jeger—your friendly neighbourhood storyteller.


Antwerp is where my story begins, growing up with a Dutch mom and a Belgian dad. My secret talent? Effortlessly switching between Dutch and Flemish.


At 18, I hopped over to the UK for a theatre degree, sprinkling in some international flavor with stops in Moscow (Russian Academy of Theatre Arts) and Bali (ISI Denpasar). After graduating, London beckoned, offering two and a half years of acting, writing, and a bit of controlled chaos.


You might have caught my plays - A Blue Something and The Dalton Sisters - on the UK stage. I've also worn the Assistant Director hat for "In The Heat of That Night" (a translation of Sérgio Roveri's bittersweet comedy). Or seen me playing roles in "Dog" (by Francesca Pazniokas), "Siblings" (a unique take on José Triana's work adapted by Daniel Passi), and bringing holiday cheer with the Polar Express Christmas extravaganza (based on the film by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.). 


Now, I'm soaking in the Amsterdam vibes while reconnecting with my hometown, Antwerp. As a creative developer for a production company, I work in the creation of scripted TV shows and films—always fiction. And, I'm honoured to be selected as one of the three Streamz Academy finalists, a unique initiative to develop a pitch for a thriller into a full-fledged series.


Oh, and the Dutch translation of my novel, "Hanna," is on shelves since November 2023, thanks to Just Publishers. It is a fictional retelling of the real story of my great-grandmother. 


Whether I'm lost in stories, taking a bow on stage, or stirring up drama for the screen, I'm just here for the storytelling.


© Mattia Seda

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