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Released on 23 August 2022

For Betty

Who am I?

Who Am I?

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My name is Magali Jeger.

I am a debuting author, theatre maker, actor, playwright and creative developer/dramaturg for drama- and comedy series. 

Dutch mother, Belgian father. born and bred in Antwerp, but spent a lot of time in Amsterdam as a kid (and teenager). It's my secret power - code switching between Dutch and Flemish.

Moved to England at the age of 18 to study at East 15 Acting School. Through the school I got the opportunity to study Balinese Dance Drama at ISI Denpasar in Indonesia, as well as performing and analysing Chekhov in the naturalistic theatre setting at GITIS Moscow in Russia. 

After my uni years in sunny (read: freezing cold) Southend-On-Sea, I decided to move to London with a group of fellow graduates. And in those next two years I developed my voice as a playwright. 

That's also the time I wrote my debut novel, Hanna, the story of my great-grandmother.


Autumn 2022 I moved to Amsterdam, the city where the novel is based. A place that seems oh so familiar, yet so foreign at the same time. Here I am working as a creative developer for drama and comedy series. 


And... translating Hanna to Dutch. This translation will be published in October 2023 by Just Publishers. 


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"Funny and fiery" 
The Dalton Sisters is a two-act play about a crime in a burlesque nightclub in London, 1968. 

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"Thought provoking and unpredictable" 

A Blue Something is a story about a failed actor who is plagued by demons of his past, whilst aspiring to write a successful play.



Semi-Finalist, 12th National JPP Contest

In Chocolate Marmite Cake a Jewish woman and a famous Muslim go on a blind date. Papparrazzi ensues.

Clouds in the Sky

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