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Why I wrote Hanna

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

More than two years ago I made a big decision: I was going to write a book about my great-grandmother. I had heard Hanna's story a few times and felt passionate about the subject. There was something admirable in the decisions she made, the loss she suffered, her dedication to power through, her resilience... She was a fascinating woman and I truly feel honoured to be a part of her legacy. That being said, one of her biggest achievements was just that... her legacy.

Without wanting to give too much information away (you can pre-order the book here), Hanna made some questionable decisions. In fact, it all started with one decision. A controversial one. She wanted to have a child. This was not common in a time when women were lining up to get abortion pills. Her family thought she was ludicrous for even considering the possibility, and history agrees that it was a poor decision. Still, her mind was set and she gave birth to a baby daughter - my grandmother Betty,

This did not result in roses and sunshine (or else there would be no book). One could still to this day argue that she was not thinking clearly and that she put her family, the child and herself in danger. But without this one decision... Betty would not have been born. Which means that I would not have been born. Neither would my mother, aunt and uncle, or their wonderful children and even grand-children. Hanna's legacy. Hanna was determined, which caused danger at the time. But times have changed and I believe she would be so proud of Betty and her descendants. Knowing that it wasn't all for nothing.

And that is why I wrote Hanna. Not just because I want Hanna's story to be heard, but also because of the incredible person she was. Everything she did was for Betty, and such an incredible family exists thanks to this. We might not always know what impact our choices have, and sometimes we might feel as though we are making the wrong ones. But only time and the future can tell. Which is why Hanna is still so important to this day. And which is why I wanted to honour her by writing her story.


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